About Us

Designing your visions, creating reality

We strive to be the #1 provider of high-end building and construction, design services, and construction management projects in the country

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Holbrook Group is a residential and commercial construction firm specialising in integrated design-construction services. We are a proudly Thai company with international leadership working with a highly skilled workforce of Thais and expats alike. Our mission is to deliver top-notch service and premium construction projects that embody each client’s visions and exceed their expectations.

The Holbrook team has a combined 40+ years of experience in the Construction, Design, and Cleaning industry. Our international experience, local knowledge, and use of the latest technology allow us to be adaptable, nimble, and ready to deliver structures of utmost quality.

The Team

Mr. Chaiwat Supasri

Project Manager

Name: Chaiwat Supasri (Khun Aek)
Location: Bangkok based, Overseas
Language Proficiency: Thai and English
Skills: Construction and interior, Management, Procurement

Background: Over 20 years of experience in construction and interior works. Strong connection in the industry as well as labour union. Apadative and spontanoues. Able to work under pressured timeframe and short duration project. Good management skills and communication.

Mr. Jaroentong Ruadrew

Senior Foreman

Name: Jaroentong Ruadrew (Khun Kong)
Title: Senior Foreman
Location: Bangkok based
Language Proficiency: Thai and English
Skills: Construction and interior, QC, QA

Background: Many years of experience in high-end interior works. Energetic and Spontanous. Quick learner and doer. High dedication and able to work long hours to meet the timeline. Good leadership.

Mr. Chokchai Singkarach


Name: Chokchai Singkarach (Khun Tank)
Location: Bangkok based, Overseas
Language Proficiency: Thai and English
Skills: Construction, Sketch and Design, Interior

Background: Over 10 years of experience in architectural work and design. Creative, well organised and talented, adaptive and flexible. Able to work across field.

We provide our clients an integrated approach to achieve:


Greater control of budget and reduced investment due to less changes, delays, and reworks.

Enhanced innovation

Working on the same team ensures effective collaboration that results in better solutions that amplify the project’s value.

Improved quality

Our integrated approach eliminates disagreements and allows all efforts to be focused on excellent project delivery.

Safety improvements

Working with Holbrook removes the communication gaps that may arise in construction specifications.

Streamlined operations

Having a single point of contact allows projects to be completed more quickly and efficiently with fewer complications.

Transparency and accountability

Our team has total accountability for the entire project, including costs, management, and results.